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Developing recommendations and preparing for the future



David Roberts - Leader

As Associate Medical Director for Blood Donation, Professor David Robert is responsible for the medical aspects of the care of a panel of 800,000 blood donors and for the development of policy to improve donor care. In his position of consultant haematologist, David is currently the clinical lead for the NHSBT Convalescent Plasma Project and co-lead for the REMAP-CAP trial in convalescent plasma.

Lise Estcourt - Vice-leader

Lise Estcourt is consulting haematologist and holds the position of Director of NHSBT’s Clinical Trials Unit where she leads a programme of clinical research in transfusion and transplantation medicine. Her research focuses on the safe and appropriate use of blood components (red blood cells, platelets, plasma, cryoprecipitate) and their alternatives. Lise is currently active as co-chief CI for the TREATT trial, an international trial of tranexamic use in haematological malignancies, and co-lead in the international REMAP-CAP trial in convalescent plasma. In addition, she is coordinating editor of Cochrane Haematology.

Collaborating members

Massimo Franchini – ASST di Mantova


Cesare Perotti – Immunohematology and Transfusion Centre, Fondazione I.R.C.C.S. Policlinico San Matteo Pavia


Hubert Schrezenmeier – Blutspendedienst Baden Wüttemberg-Hessen GGMBH


Erhard Seifried – Blutspendedienst Baden Wüttemberg-Hessen GGMBH


Stéphane Bégué – Établissementfrançais du sang


Ellen van der Schoot – Sanquin


Hendrik Feys – Belgische Rode Kruis


Veerle Compernolle – Belgische Rode Kruis


Heli Harvala Simmonds – NHS Blood and Transfusion


Vincenzo De Angelis – Centro Nazionale Sangue


Livia Cannata – Centro Nazionale Sangue


Catherine Hartmann – European Blood Alliance


Pierre Tiberghien – European Blood Alliance


Christian Erikstrup – Aarhus Universiteit Hospital


Henrik Hjalgrim – Statens Serum Institut


Soraya Amar – Blutspende Schweiz Rotes Kreuz